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Which are the most interesting cities in Europe

What to see, what to skip?

Paris, Berlin and Rome would be my top three pics in Europe. They are absolutely must visit places. They are full of interesting, long history, great architecture, amazing museums and cafeterias with unique cuisines!

Going to Paris for a romantic date atop Eiffel Tower alone can be a reason enough to justify a visit to this artistic and fashionable city. Add to that the Mona-Lisa housing Palais Royale Musee Louvre and idyllic cruise along Seine river and it becomes a perfect holiday destination! What more? Try a chocolate crep and baguette-cheese and you woun't forget this holiday easily!

Berlin, on the other hand stands out for its dark history of pre and post WW-II era, i.e. Hitler's rise to power, war excesses and genocides, fall of Berlin to red forces, cold war spying theatrics and the collapse of the Wall signifying the death of the stifling communism. Five days in Berlin and still you would believe that it was just yesterday that you arrived. Whether it be the Mauer Museum (Wall Museum) or the Holocaust Musuem it will moisten your eye.... but you can cheer yourself up with the famous German lager beer at night! Berlin has one of the best night-life scenes in Europe and the good part is that hanging out at night is safe and not very expensive either!

Do visit one of the several concentration camps, like Sachsenhausen. Each brick there tells a story. Guided tours to several war sites (including the concentration camps) are available for very cheap at the city tourism office at various parts of the city. Berlin is also the best place to see some of the best graffiti-on-the-wall (and that's art-for-free of course!).

Rome is one city I just can't write enough about! From Piazzas to Pizzas, this city seems to have it all. Visiting the Roman remains like the Colloseum is a must and so is the Vatican City - the smallest country in the world! Try the gelato ice-creams here and you won't regret spending those two euros! Do send a postcard home from the Vatican City - the country with only one post-office and this post-office handles one of the biggest letter volumes in the world! Do I need to say that the genuine pastas and pizzas taste way better than the american fakes?

You can buy very beautiful and cheap souvenirs for your friends and family in Rome! Try including Venice and Florence into your itinerary, if you can and it will serve for an even more memorable trip.

Italians can be really loud but are friendly, befriend some in a bar or cafe! (They are usually able to speak and understand doable English).

Hope you have a great fun in Europe :)

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